Listings of some of the periods, armies, scales and rule sets used by various members of KEGS.

Toys for Cain

Ancients/Dark Ages – 25/28mm
Romano-British – Gripping Beast, Black Tree Design, Musketeer Miniatures
Early Saxons – Gripping Beast, Musketeer Miniatures
Picts – Gripping Beast, Black Tree Design
Late Romans – Chiltern Miniatures, Black Tree Design
Middle/Late Saxons – Old Glory, Ral Partha
Vikings – Old Glory, Wargames Factory
Scots – Ral Partha
Germans – RAFM
Rules – Dux Britainniarum, Pig Wars


Ancients – 15mm
Early Sassanid – Essex Miniatures
Skythians – Falcon Figures
Alexandrian Empire – Falcon Figures
Camillian Roman – Falcon Figures
Arab Conquest – Falcon Figures
Maurikian Byzantine – Falcon Figures
Rules – DBA


American War of Independence – 15mm
British – Minifigs, Musket Miniatures
American – Minifigs, Musket Miniatures
Rules – Loose Files and American Scramble


Russian Civil War – 15mm
Reds – Minifigs, Peter Pig, Irregular Miniatures
Whites – Minifigs, Peter Pig, Irregular Miniatures
Rules – Red Actions


Old West – 28mm
Cowboys – Wargames Foundry
Lawmen – Wargames Foundry, Old Glory
Rules – Homegrown


World War II – 15mm
Russians – Plastic Soldier Company, Zvezda, Peter Pig, QRF
Rules – I Aint Been Shot Mum


Colonials/VSF – 28mm
Zulu War British – Black Tree Design, Wargames Foundry, Wargames Factory
Zulus – Black Tree Design, Wargames Foundry, Wargames Factory, Empress Miniatures
NWF British – Wargames Foundry
Pathans – Wargames Foundry, Askari Miniatures
Russians – Askari Miniatures, Eureka Miniatures
Canadians – RAFM
Martians – RAFM, Paroom Station
Venusians – Games Workshop (Kroot Converts)
Rules – The Sword and the Flame, Boilers and Breechloaders


SciFi – 15mm
New Anglian Confederation – Ground Zero Games, Old Crow Models, RAFM
Neu Swabian League – Brigade Models, Ground Zero Games, Eureka Miniatures
Islamic Federation – Ground Zero Games, Khurusan Miniatures
Federal States Europa – Brigade Models, Ground Zero Games
Cylons/Robots – Ground Zero Games,, Khurusan Miniatures, RAFM
New Vistula Legion – Oddzial Osmy
Titan Marines – Rebel Minis
Aphids – Zombiesmith
Quar – Zombiesmith
Crusties – Ground Zero Games
Rules – StarGrunt II, Tomorrow’s War, Quadrant 13


SciFi – Fleet Scale Spaceships
New Anglian Confederation – Ground Zero Games, Studio Bergstrom
Federal States Europa – Ground Zero Games, Brigade Models
Rules – Full Thrust, Colonial Battle Fleet


Modern Africa – 15mm
Colonial Settlers Army – Peter Pig, Matchbox, QRF
Religious Army – Peter Pig, Matchbox
People’s Popular Front Army – Peter Pig, Matchbox
Interventionist Army – Peter Pig, QRF, Old Glory
Somailis – Cannon Fodder Miniatures
Afghans – Cannon Fodder Miniatures
Americans – Peter Pig, Old Glory, Cannon Fodder
Rules – AK-47


Napoleonics – 28mm
Peninsular British – Victrix Miniatures
Rules – Sharpes Practice


Toys for Keith
Troops, Weapons & Tactics
WW2 German Infantry
WW2 British Infantry
WW2 Russian Infantry
WW2 American Infantry
WW2 British Airborne
WW2 American Paratroopers
WW2 German Fallschirmjagers
Home Grown Rules
Wild West
Home Grown Rules
Victorian Sci Fi American Federals
Victorian Sci Fi American Confederates
Johnny Reb and Black Powder and They Couldn’t Hit an Elephant
Amercian Civil War
I Ain’t Been Shot Mum
WW2 Russians
WW2 American Paratroopers
WW2 American Marines
WW2 Japanese
Black Powder and Age of Reason
Seven Years War Russians
Seven Years War Swedish
Algernon Pulls It Off and modified Check Your Six
WW1 Aircraft – all nations
Check Your Six
WW2 Aircraft – all nations
Korean War AircraftDirtside
Science FictionMarachel d’Empire and Le Feu Sacre
Napoleonics French and allies
Napoleonics Russian
Napoleonics Prussian
Napoleonics British

Games Workshop
Warhammer Vampire Count Army
Warhammer Dwarf Army
Warhammer Skaven Army
Warhammer Khorne Daemon Army
Warmaster Dwarf Army
Warmaster Orc Army
Mordheim Warbands
Bloodbowl Teams


Toys for Scott
All 28mm (God’s Own scale)
Dark Age – SAGA
Vikings, Irish, Anglo-Saxons, Scots, Jomsvikings, Early Pagan Rus.
Mostly Gripping Beast but also some few old Foundry figures.
Colonial – Indian Mutiny
Sharpe Practice Rules Indian Mutiny Supplement
Muntineers, Rebels, Badmash, Raja’s Retainers, and sundry other mercenaries and British.
Lardies Terrible Sharp Sword
CS and US Wargames Foundry and Perry
Old West
Dead Man’s Hand (new Rules from Great Escape Games)
Sundry Foundry and Artizan Cowboys and desparado types.WWII – Eastern front
Lardies Chain of Command (out soon)
Artizan and Bolt Action Soviets and GermansWWII – Pacific – Malaya, Singapore, Burma, and Hong Kong.
Lardies Chain of Command
Brigade Miniatures, Co. B, and Bolt Action.Russian Civil War
Rules – Not sure yet – Maybe Perfect Captain’s Rules or something similar.
Copplestone Back of Beyond Reds & Whites. Yudenich’s Army, Kolchack’s Army, and sundry generic Reds.