KEGSCon V update

Things are firming up for KEGSCon V, now only 6 weeks away.

Friday night games:

  1. Silent Death
  2. Firefly
  3. Imperial Assault

There is still room for 3 more games to be set up on Friday evening

There will be 4 tables set aside for board games all day Saturday. Firefly will be run on Saturday, and other games are to be confirmed.

Saturday miniatures games so far,


  1. Pig Wars Dark Ages
  2. Colonial Sudan using Men Who Would be Kings
  3. Big Chain of Command
  4. Carnage and Glory ACW
  5. Napoleonic Skirmish using Songs of Drums and Shakos
  6. Gladiator Combat in the “Snake Pit of Death”


  1. Canada in Afghanistan 20mm skirmish
  2. Big Chain of Command
  3. War of 1812 using Sharp Practice
  4. Skirmish at Amon Hen
  5. Carnage and Glory ACW
  6. Wings of War WW1 air combat

Saturday Night will be the Western Gunfight extravaganza.

There are open tables for board and miniature gaming for all sessions as well. If you want to run a game let us know.