KEGSCon V update – Friday night gaming

Friday night gaming will be different than previous years, and will focus on board games. Specifically board or mat games that use miniatures as playing pieces.

On tap this year we have:

  • Last Night on Earth
  • Wings of War
  • Galleys and Galleons
  • Imperial Assault
  • Dreadball

There is still room for a few more games, let us know if you want to run anything specific.


We are 8 short weeks away from KEGSCon V (2017)

This event will be hosted at the Retrosuites Hotel on Friday and Saturday 29 and 30 September.
The Friday night format is different this year, we will be hosting board and mat style games that incorporate miniatures. Games like X-Wing, Imperial Assault, Zombicide, Blood Bowl, Dreadball and Battle of Britain are all examples of those. Ontario Hobbit Adventures will be hosting a small Middle Earth game room on Friday night as well.
Saturday will be the usualĀ Miniatures gaming that we are used to, like Chain of Command (Frank), Afghanistan skirmish (James), Pig Wars (Barry), Men Who Would Kings (Scott), Sharp Practice (Keith), and other games to be confirmed.The traditional Western Gunfight free for all will run in the evening on Saturday.
There will a numberĀ of tables for board games as well. We are currently polling for the games we should run.
Ontario Hobbit Adventures will host a tournament in the main hall for up to 16 players, hosted by Jason Chaplin and friends.
There will also be an X-Wing tournament in the main hall for up to 20 players, hosted by Scott Ross. Scott has sourced some awesome prize support for this tournament, it should be spectacular!

J&M, Six Square and Chatham’s own GME are confirmed as vendors.

Doors open at 0800 for vendors, GMs and the KEGSCon crew.
Doors open at 0900 for gamers.
Bar opens at 1100.
Hot food service to the tables is available starting at 1100.
Gaming runs until midnight.
Entry fee $10 for Saturday, $15 for the whole weekend.

Game Pics

Some recent pictures of games put on KEGS club members.

Max’s Pirate Skirmish

Arrrhhh Matey!

Max’s Pirate Table

Frank’s WWII Table

Frank's NW Europe Table

Normandy ’44

Nowhere to hide

Street Fighting

Check out the events calendar to see when upcoming games are scheduled. If you’re interested in playing, contact us via our club info page.

Hope to see you there.