KEGSCon V update

Things are firming up for KEGSCon V, now only 6 weeks away.

Friday night games:

  1. Silent Death
  2. Firefly
  3. Imperial Assault

There is still room for 3 more games to be set up on Friday evening

There will be 4 tables set aside for board games all day Saturday. Firefly will be run on Saturday, and other games are to be confirmed.

Saturday miniatures games so far,


  1. Pig Wars Dark Ages
  2. Colonial Sudan using Men Who Would be Kings
  3. Big Chain of Command
  4. Carnage and Glory ACW
  5. Napoleonic Skirmish using Songs of Drums and Shakos
  6. Gladiator Combat in the “Snake Pit of Death”


  1. Canada in Afghanistan 20mm skirmish
  2. Big Chain of Command
  3. War of 1812 using Sharp Practice
  4. Skirmish at Amon Hen
  5. Carnage and Glory ACW
  6. Wings of War WW1 air combat

Saturday Night will be the Western Gunfight extravaganza.

There are open tables for board and miniature gaming for all sessions as well. If you want to run a game let us know.



We are 8 short weeks away from KEGSCon V (2017)

This event will be hosted at the Retrosuites Hotel on Friday and Saturday 29 and 30 September.
The Friday night format is different this year, we will be hosting board and mat style games that incorporate miniatures. Games like X-Wing, Imperial Assault, Zombicide, Blood Bowl, Dreadball and Battle of Britain are all examples of those. Ontario Hobbit Adventures will be hosting a small Middle Earth game room on Friday night as well.
Saturday will be the usual Miniatures gaming that we are used to, like Chain of Command (Frank), Afghanistan skirmish (James), Pig Wars (Barry), Men Who Would Kings (Scott), Sharp Practice (Keith), and other games to be confirmed.The traditional Western Gunfight free for all will run in the evening on Saturday.
There will a number of tables for board games as well. We are currently polling for the games we should run.
Ontario Hobbit Adventures will host a tournament in the main hall for up to 16 players, hosted by Jason Chaplin and friends.
There will also be an X-Wing tournament in the main hall for up to 20 players, hosted by Scott Ross. Scott has sourced some awesome prize support for this tournament, it should be spectacular!

J&M, Six Square and Chatham’s own GME are confirmed as vendors.

Doors open at 0800 for vendors, GMs and the KEGSCon crew.
Doors open at 0900 for gamers.
Bar opens at 1100.
Hot food service to the tables is available starting at 1100.
Gaming runs until midnight.
Entry fee $10 for Saturday, $15 for the whole weekend.

KEGS – Operation Press Gang – 3rd June, 2017

KEGS – Operation Press Gang – June 3rd. at The Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 261 12326 Lanoue St., Tecumseh, Ontario

Two sessions, namely 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, and 3:00 pm to 7:00pm for gaming.

Admission: $10.00, (12 years and younger are free)

Doors open to the gamers at 09:00 am

KEGs is trying to “recruit” more gamers from the Chatham, Windsor and Michigan areas. To-date, we have approximately 16 gamers with a core group of 6 who pretty well game once or twice a month. At present, we set aside, the 3rd weekend of each month at Neil’s Place (Chatham) as Club day. Neil has the capacity for 3 to 4 battle-tables, in his “War Room”. The Chatham and Windsor gamers have at least one or two pickup games a month at their respective sites. Frank’s Place (Windsor) has 2 battle-tables.

We as a group, game “all historical periods”, and in fact, have been known to game futuristic and fantasy games. Amongst us all, we have a “vast” collection of miniatures in all scales and armies. If you are interested in meeting us and/or participate as a gamer, we (KEGs) are hosting a one day gaming on June 3rd, show-casing “some” of our games for your miniature gaming pleasure. You are more than welcome to join us and participate as a gamer (you do not need miniatures) or gamemaster (future events like KEGSCON 2017 during the weekend of Sept 29th, 2017).

There will be 9 battle-tables set up for “miniature table-top gaming” per session: Namely…

– Franco-Prussian War (6mm) set in the late 1870s. using the Battle-Bloody Big Battles Rules.                         GM: Brian Hall

– Zombies (28mm) set in Urbanville. Survivors have to get to a Church (sanctuary) from the opposite sides of the table. Gamers can search buildings for added equipment to combat the horde of zombies. If you do not cooperate with other survivors, you MAY NOT MAKE IT!            GM: Mitch Campbell

– Dux Brits (28mm) Saxon warbands are raiding the Romano-Brits and trying to raid, pillage, and get off the table with their loot.             GM: Andrew Rodgers

– Gladiator Combat (28mm), Gamers are gladiators fighting in the arena attempting to be Number One. Will you be the “last one standing!”          GM: Ty Newby

– Afghan Skirmish (28mm) The marines are on a security patrol in a small village, intel reports light resistance activity in the area. Taliban are out there somewhere…. GM: Don Hennessey

– Pirates (28mm) Gamers can be either a Pirate and loot the docks and/or vulnerable village or kill all the dastardly pirates as a villager! GM: Max Nelson

– Sci Fi Game:   “Silicon vs. Carbon” 15mm SciFi platoon action with Tomorrow’s War rules. Defend humanity or eliminate the virus of man.       GM:.Cain Carter

– Cy6 Airwars (1/285 scale) Operation Dragoon. The Allied invasion of southern France. US Navy and Fleet Air Arm F6F-5 Hellcats more than hold their own against German Bf-109s and FW-190s. GM: Tom Michael (Pro or Con)

– Gotham Nights – Cinema Tactics, Heroics and Villainy Battle it out through the streets of Gotham. Choose from a variety of DC heroes and villains, including Batman, Flash, Hawkman, Mr. Freeze, Pengquin and Clayface. GM: Brad from 6 Square Studios

Two Vendors on site, namely – J&M Minatures and

– 6 Squared Studios

Contact Frank Kailik (frkailik [at] gmail [dot] com) for more details or to even to discuss wargaming in general in our area (Chatham, Windsor, Michigan).


KEGS – Operation Press Gang – June 3rd, 2017

KEGS will be hosting a one day gaming fest, showcasing their games for purposes of attracting and recruiting new/old gamers in the Chatham, Windsor and Michigan areas. To-date, we have rented the Legion Hall at Col. Paul Poisson Branch 261, located at 12326 Lanoue St., Tecumseh, Ont. (adjacent to Windsor – east end).

Two sessions are being planned for, namely 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, and 3:00 pm till 7:00 pm. Vendors are in the process of being confirmed. We should have up to 9 battle tables set up, games with details to be announce in the very near future.

You can contact me at frkailik [at] gmail [dot] com or respond on this site or

KEGSCon 2016

The KEGS crew will once again present KEGSCon on the 23rd and 24th of September 2016. Hosted at the beautiful Retrosuites Hotel in Chatham Ontario.

*****New UPDATE 17 Sept 2016***** CHANGES TO THE SCHEDULE



Friday evening the 23rd will be a Campaign game, which this year will be a West Indies Naval Campaign set in 1793. Units will be British, French or Spanish fleets, armies and port facilities. Slave revolts, land combat, treasure fleets, hurricanes, disease…Turns will be monthly, and players will represent regional Commanders and their staffs. Combat will be adjudicated using a Free Kriegspiel format with a little twist. Resource management, morale and influence back home in England, France and Spain will be crucial considerations. Bar and dinner service is available, and the game will take place in the hotel restaurant (The Chilled Cork) in the back room. Room opens at 6pm, game starts at 7pm, until 11:30pm.

The Saturday September 24th KEGSCon 2016 Games List updated 7 September. Bar and food service at the bar begins at 11am

Sessions are 10am to 2pm, and 3pm to 7pm. Evening session is after 7pm to midnight. All games are held in the Derby Room, which will open for participants at 0845.


1. Dux Britaniaruum in 28mm run by Cain Carter from KEGS. This game will run in both morning and afternoon sessions

2. Russo Japanese War Battle of Te-Li-Ssu using Bloody Big Battles in 15mm run by Scott Hansen from KEGS for 6 players.

3. Zulu War using The Sword and the Flame in 25mm run by Andrew Rodgers from KEGS

4. War of 1812 using Sharp Practice 2 in 28mm run by Keith Burnett from KEGS

5. X-Wing Demo Games for the morning session. There will be space to run 2 games at a time, run by Scott Ross.

6. “Governor’s Gladiatorial Snake Pit of Death”   .Every knows about the huge arena in Rome,but there were 1,000’s of smaller arenas through out the Empire; some run by Governors and the Elite of Rome,some were small and more likely would have called a pit.
Players—2; 4(team play); or 6 (free for all)
This table will run all day starting at 1100, run by Ty from KEGS.
7. LMG will be hosting a 15mm WWII game called Tanks.
The game will be for 8 players. 4 German, 4 Soviet.
The German’s will be defending the Fatherland from the advancing Soviets during the summer of 1944.


1. Pirates using Avast! rules in 28 mm., 4 to 10 players run by Max Nelson from KEGS.

2. WW2 using Big Chain of Command in 15mm run by Brian Hall from KEGS – Company Attack – A Canadian Rifle Company with tank support attacks a German defensive position.  6 players.

3. Scouring of the West Fold. With the devastation in the west fold going unchecked and unchallenged the riders of Rohan must buy time for those escaping to Helms Deep. Help Rohan over come this terrible hate or help ensure there will be no dawn for men. 4-6 players using the The Hobbit ruleset by GW. Run by Jason from KEGS

4. “15mm Napoleonic Cinematic Small Skirmish Gaming – Two two-player games will run concurrently over the course of the timeslot, playing a series of scenarios covering the retreat from Moscow, Leipzig 1813 (Russians vs. French), and Spain (British vs. French) using the fast-paced Song of Drums and Shakos rules.   The six scenarios available are:  Stop Shooting Those Cannons At Me!, Find the Maps, Take the Streets, The Last Pig in Russia, Troubles with the Ladies of Spain, and Klepakhov’s Heroes.” Run by Chris Robinson.

5. Dux Britaniaruum in 28mm run by Cain Carter from KEGS. This game will run in both morning and afternoon sessions.
6. Star Wars Armada Demo Games for the afternoon session. There will be space to run 2 games at a time, run by Scott Ross.
7. “Governor’s Gladiatorial Snake Pit of Death”   .Every knows about the huge arena in Rome,but there were 1,000’s of smaller arenas through out the Empire; some run by Governors and the Elite of Rome,some were small and more likely would have called a pit.
Players—2; 4(team play); or 6 (free for all)
This table will run all day starting at 1100, run by Ty from KEGS.

1. Wild West Free for All. The 28mm gunfighter extravaganza that has become the KEGS signature game. Join us Saturday evening for a lighthearted “beer and pretzels” game, no player limit.

2. Open gaming. If you have a game you want to run, or want to try out a new purchase, have at it.

Shameless Plug

Just wanted to take a moment give a shout out to one of our members, Jason, who does painting and custom terrain work on a commission basis. His stunning beach assault, western mining town, Hadley’s Hope, and dungeon tables have impressed at Hotlead and KEGSCON for the last several years. Jason documents some of his work on his YouTube channel which also includes tips and techniques. Stop by and check out his quality work.

Game Pics

Some recent pictures of games put on KEGS club members.

Max’s Pirate Skirmish

Arrrhhh Matey!

Max’s Pirate Table

Frank’s WWII Table

Frank's NW Europe Table

Normandy ’44

Nowhere to hide

Street Fighting

Check out the events calendar to see when upcoming games are scheduled. If you’re interested in playing, contact us via our club info page.

Hope to see you there.