KEGSCon 2016

The KEGS crew will once again present KEGSCon in Chatham on the 23rd and 24th of September 2016.

Friday evening the 23rd will be a Campaign game, which this year will be a West Indies Naval Campaign set in 1793. Teams will play either as British, French or Spanish fleets, armies and port facilities. Slave revolts, land combat, treasure fleets, hurricanes, disease…

The Saturday September 24th KEGSCon 2016 Games List so far.

1. Dux Britaniaruum in 28mm run by Frank Kailik from KEGS

2. Scouring of the West Fold

With the devastation in the west fold going unchecked and unchallenged the riders of Rohan must buy time for those escaping to Helms Deep. Help Rohan over come this terrible hate or help ensure there will be no dawn for men. 4-6 players using the The Hobbit ruleset by GW.

3. War of 1812 using Sharp Practice 2 in 28mm run by Keith Burnett from KEGS

4. Zulu War using The Sword and the Flame in 25mm run by Andrew Rodgers from KEGS

5. WW2 using Big Chain of Command in 15mm run by Brian Hall from KEGS – Company Attack – 6 players.

6. Pirates using Avast! rules in 28 mm., 4 to 10 players run by Max Nelson from KEGS.

7. Russo Japanese War Battle of Te-Li-Ssu using Bloody Big Battles in 15mm run by Scott Hansen from KEGS for 6 players.

8. “15mm Napoleonic Cinematic Small Skirmish Gaming – Two two-player games will run concurrently over the course of the timeslot, playing a series of scenarios covering the retreat from Moscow, Leipzig 1813 (Russians vs. French), and Spain (British vs. French) using the fast-paced Song of Drums and Shakos rules.   The six scenarios available are:  Stop Shooting Those Cannons At Me!, Find the Maps, Take the Streets, The Last Pig in Russia, Troubles with the Ladies of Spain, and Klepakhov’s Heroes.” Run by Chris Robinson.

9. Pig Wars 6-8 Players Raid on merchant caravan. Run by Barry Holden Saturday morning

10. Modified Ronin rules 6-8 Players. Run by Barry Holden Saturday afternoon.

11.LMG will be hosting a 15mm WWII game called Tanks.

The game will be for 8 players. 4 German, 4 Soviet. If required this game can be run in both the morning and afternoon sessions. Preference would be the morning session.
The German’s will be defending the Fatherland from the advancing Soviet’s during the summer of 1944.

12. Wild West Free for All. The 28mm gunfighter extravaganza that has become the KEGS signature game. Join us Saturday evening for a lighthearted “beer and pretzels” game, no player limit.

KEGSCON Gamelist

Here is the preliminary game list for the 26th of September. More info to follow as we get it.

Morning session runs from 0900 to 1300 (1pm), afternoon session from 1400 (2pm) – 1800 (6pm), and evening session from 1900 (7pm) to 2300 (11pm).

Dux Britanniarum, 28mm, all sessions, Frank Kailik

Too Fat Lardies fun on Frank’s beautiful terrain table and using his lovely painted figures.

Coastal Patrol, morning session, Brian Hall

More Too Fat Lardies fun, A German destroyer has run aground while under air attack by Coastal Command. It’s too late in the day for another air strike, so it’s up to the small boats to finish the job.

1/300 scale WWII air combat, CY6 rules, morning session, Keith Burnett

The Forgotten Campaign. 25 September 1942, planes of the RCAF Sqn 111(f) attack Japanese forces at Kiska Harbour, Alaska

Dropzone Commander, 10mm, morning session, Jason Chaplin

Star Wars X-Wing free for all, morning session, Scott Ross

The Rebels are on the run (again)! This is an Epic Scale game which will see all size classes of ships in use.
Can the Tantive IV outrun the Imperial forces? Only you can decide!

Avast!, Pirates, afternoon session, 28mm, Max Nelson
The infamous Eleazar Bunning has been found guilty of piracy and is to be hanged this forenoon at the St. Finian’s gallows.  Can his comrades save him in time?

Star Crush Starfighter Miniatures Game, 1/240 scale, afternoon session

Mars La Tour, Bloody Big Battles, 6mm, afternoon session, Brian Hall

The Prussians led by Von Alvensleben have caught up to what he believes is Bazaine’s French rearguard. This battle is a bloody contest with loads of manoeuvre and cavalry charges. Will Von Bredow’s death ride be repeated, or will the French turn and destroy the Prussian III Corps?

Flint and Feather Playtest, 28mm, afternoon session (10am-3pm), Kurt Hummitzsch

Playtest of the new rules by Crucible Crush Productions that depict skirmish battles in North America prior to European contact. Join us and learn the rules and provide feedback to improve the system.

Star Wars Armada, afternoon session, Scott Ross

A series of intro games using a variety of ships and squadrons from the current range.

This is your chance to try this fleet vs fleet scale game.

Polkovodets Rumyantsev, Bolt Action, 15mm, afternoon session, London Gaming Group, (Mike Scott, George Nikitaidis, Duane Adams and Steve S.)

Also known as the Battle of Kharkov, this is the main Soviet offensive for the summer of 1943. This game is set to have a maximum eight players (four German and four Soviet).  Each player will be in command of an armoured platoon. Prizes provided by the Game Chamber.

ACW Naval game,15mm, home-bashed rules, afternoon session, Mike Barratt

Battle of Wolf 359, Star Trek Attack Wing, evening session, Scott Ross

Star Trek Attack Wing: “The Battle of Wolf 359”. A massive Borg Cube has invaded the heart of Federation space. The objective: assimilate Earth itself! The Federation has gathered a truly epic force to repel these foulest of rivals. Can they save Earth from assimilation?

Wild West shootout, 28mm, evening session, Keith Burnett and the KEGS crew.

A massive western style free for all in a large frontier town. More dry gulching, gunfights and mayhem than you can shake a stick at.

Shameless Plug

Just wanted to take a moment give a shout out to one of our members, Jason, who does painting and custom terrain work on a commission basis. His stunning beach assault, western mining town, Hadley’s Hope, and dungeon tables have impressed at Hotlead and KEGSCON for the last several years. Jason documents some of his work on his YouTube channel which also includes tips and techniques. Stop by and check out his quality work.

Game Pics

Some recent pictures of games put on KEGS club members.

Max’s Pirate Skirmish

Arrrhhh Matey!

Max’s Pirate Table

Frank’s WWII Table

Frank's NW Europe Table

Normandy ’44

Nowhere to hide

Street Fighting

Check out the events calendar to see when upcoming games are scheduled. If you’re interested in playing, contact us via our club info page.

Hope to see you there.


The Kent-Essex Gaming Society proudly presents KEGSCON 2015, an all-day gaming convention in Chatham, Ontario on Saturday, September 26th, 2015.

Gaming will occur in three sessions: 9AM-1PM, 2PM-6PM, and 7PM-11PM at: Chatham Retro Suites Hotel in the Derby Room. 2 King St W, Chatham, ON

Game listings as we get closer to the date.

Our venue features plenty of free on-site parking, Hotel restaurant, and a cash bar. More information will follow as it becomes available.

KEGS Game Masters Games at Hotlead 2014

Friday Evening Session: Mar 21st
Napoleonic Wargame 15mm
Rules: Based on modified Fire & Steel
Napoleonic warfare 1809, between France and Austria. Each gamer will get a brigade of infantry (4 to 6 battalions, one battery of artillery, and a cavalry regiment of 16 figures). Your task will be to “force” your opponent to vacate the field by causing him/her to roll for causalities inflicted by either fire or melees. Each turn is based on who rolls first for movement and who shoots first, either muskets or artillery.
Players: 2 to 4 Game Master: Frank Kailik (KEGS)

WW2 Skirmish 28mm
Rules: Blend of Rules of Engagement and Bolt Action
WW2 skirmish between Canadian and German troops, somewhere in bocage country of France.  Each gamer will have command of a squad of troops, plus support weapons, and a tank. Advance to contact, use rifles, SMGs, grenades, PIATs or panzerfaust, HMG or mortars to eliminate your foe. The blending of the rules allow for each turn being dictated by the color of marble drawn from a bag. (Each gamer will have a color assigned, for each of their units….for example, if you have 5 units, you will have 5 marbles). As your color is picked from the bag, you can activate one of your units (your choice!) and initiate movement, and or fire. By activating your unit for firing purposes, your opponent can have the option of going “down” (using cover!), thus using one of their actions. We also include a “black marble”, for END OF TURN!……makes things interesting! This is only some of the changes we have included in this type of game.
Players: 2 – 6 Game Master: Brad Walker (KEGS)

Advance to Falaise
Rules: modified “Stratford Miniature Gaming Association WW2 rules”.
Canadian 4th Armoured Division continues the advance after smashing through the German lines yesterday. The Germans are forced to use adhoc units to delay the Canadians while scrambling to move reinforcements into the area.
Players: 4 to 6 Game Master: Brian Hall (KEGS)

June 6, 1944
German forces attack a farmstead held by elements of the 508th PIR near Saint Jores. Keith Burnett GMs this 28mm WW2 game using “Chain of Command” rules
Players: 2 to 7 Game Master: Keith Burnett. (KEGS)

A Desperate Day, Sci-Fi Space Battle
Rules: Full Thrust Cross Dimensions
Scale: Fleet Scale (approx. 1/2400)
GM: Cain Carter
Players 2-6
On the besieged New Anglian Confederation colony of Gammon, the civilian evacuation of Tilbury is underway. Whilst Planetary Defence Forces fight a bloody rear guard action dirtside, NAC 6th Fleet elements try to break the Federal Stats Europa blockade and deliver much needed supplies to the defenders of Gammon.

Saturday Morning Session: Mar 22nd
Wild West Shootout 28mm
Rules: Blackwater Gulch
The town of Blackwater is booming! Gold has brought all types of crooks, creeps and unfavourable characters. Can you bring justice to this frontier town, or is this your chance to line you pockets and make your fortune? Come find out in this face paced Skirmish game based in the fictional town of Blackwater Gulch in the old west! Players will receive a character and some henchmen, alliances can be made or go it alone, either way we will see just deplorable this town has become!
Players 2 to 6 Game Master: Jason Chaplin (KEGS)

Cleaning House one at a Time! 28mm
Rules: Skirmish Sangin (modified)
In the ongoing effort to win over the local tribal leaders, the top brass is sending in a mix force comprised of a Delta team assisted by the Rangers to clear out a nearby village where the Taliban have set up shop. Hopefully intel on the village is correct……
Players 2 to 5 Game Master: Don Hennessy (KEGS)

Over the Pacific
Rules: Check Your 6
KNIL and Japanes fighters dogfight over the Dutch East Indies in this 1/300th scale “Check Your 6!” game
Players: 2 to 8 Game Master: Keith Burnett (KEGS)

Battle for Anderitum, Dark Age Skirmish
Rules: Dux Britanniarum
Scale: 28mm
GM: Cain Carter
Players: 2-6
For three summers the dreaded Saex have raided the coast of Rhegin, enslaving women and children and burning what they couldn’t carry off. Now the Saxon warlord Wulfhere seeks territory of his own to conquer and flood with settlers from across the sea. Can Legate Macrinus lead the Romano-British defenders to victory and secure Anderitum from the Saxon hordes?

Saturday Afternoon Session: Mar 22nd
Zombie Game 28mm
Rule System (All Things Zombie rule set)
It will be a skirmish scenario between gangs and survivors in a ruined industrial area of Detroit. There will be many surprises including worms, chemical spills and other nasty things.
Players 2 to 6 Game Master: Aaron Vadovic (KEGS)

Wild West Horror 28mm
Rules: Blackwater Gulch Undead Redemption
In a mine close to the town of Blackwater something has been disturbed…. and it’s headed to town. Can the town band together to stop this new and frightening evil???? Or will it be business as usual in the town of Blackwater. Players will receive characters and possibly henchmen to do battle with the undead, alliances can be formed or it may be your chance to seize control…. providing someone or something else does not have the same plans. Core rules will be Blackwater Gulch with some slight additions for our new friends!!!!
Players 2 to 6 Game Master: Jason Chaplin (KEGS)

Cleaning House one at a Time! 28mm
Rules: Skirmish Sangin (modified)
In the ongoing effort to win over the local tribal leaders, the top brass is sending in a mix force comprised of a Delta team assisted by the Rangers to clear out a nearby village where the Taliban have set up shop. Hopefully intel on the village is correct……
Players 2 – 5 Game Master: Don Hennessy (KEGS)

The Road to Calais 15mm WW2
Rules: I Ain’t Been Shot, Mum
After closing the Falaise Gap, the First Canadian Army was tasked with capturing the Channel Ports of France. The advance guard runs into some resistance in a small French village.
Players: 4 to 6 Game Master : Brian Hall  (KEGS)

Korean Air War
Rules : Check Your 6
F9F Panthers are jumped by MiGs on their return from an interdiction mission in this 1/300th scale “Check Your 6!” game
Players: Up to 8 players Game Master: Keith Burnett.  (KEGS)

Saturday Evening Session: Mar 22nd

Napoleonic Skirmish 25mm
Rules: Homebrew (modified Sharpe Practice)
Each gamer will be in command of a company of troops (consisting of 20 to 24 muskets, sgt, and officer or 18 cavalry figures with sgt, and officer included). The troops are British and French troops of 1815 period. There will be strategic points on the table which will be contested (random with values from 1 to 6 points, total of 21 points on the table. All one side or the other require is 11 points to win the game). Your name/or marble will be drawn from a “bag”. This will enable you to activate your unit by either moving, or firing. But beware….each action may have an event. (whether firing or moving!). Your officer (you) may have to go to the nearest tree to answer the call of nature, thus removing you from command. Or, D6 roll, indicates that number of troops that are falling down drunk, you require water to sober them up!…. Also, you collect bonus cards, such as, ammo, water, extra D6 for firing…etc…., but, there is the “damn card”, you lose all your bonus cards……oh, did I forget, there is an “END OF TURN”. And we cannot forget the British Rocket Battery, that cannot tell friend from foe. Where ever the rocket is flying (on its erratic flight path), all troops (especially with horses) must roll for their morale! This is a SOCIAL GAME, you cannot be serious in this game. Also, there could be a heard of livestock bursting from “out of nowhere” that disrupts your formation.
Players: Up to 10        Game Master: Frank Kailik (KEGS)

War of 1812- Black Powder 28mm
March 4, 1814. American forces, probing deeper into Upper Canada, are attacked by British forces near Wardsville in this 28mm “Black Powder”game .
Players: Up to 7        Game Master: Keith Burnett.  (KEGS)

Sunday Morning Session:

Open gaming with KEGS members on any of the games previously gamed on Friday or Saturday.